The Ugly Issue

The Ugly Issue

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Recently, we collaborated with local legends Josh and Josh to bring their wildest-merch-dreams to life.

These two dudes are tackling food waste, one box of groceries at a time so naturally, we knew they were doing good sh*t.

Read on to learn more.


TCGCo: So, tell us who are you, and what do you do?

FP: We are the co-founders of Farmers Pick, Josh and Josh, we offer perfectly imperfect produce boxes, delivered straight to your door.
We are on a mission to stop farm to landfill waste and change the food system forever.
Unrealistic food standards have added a huge amount of financial and ethical pressure to farmers, consumers and our earth. We are passionate about educating the real facts of “ugly” fruit & vegetables; by proving that they are tasty, nutritious and perfect.

TCGCo: What are your backgrounds and what made you interested in this issue?

FP: Josh B – I’m a huge fan of mother earth, she’s a legend and the reason we are all here! I wanted to get involved with a solution to some of the issues us humans are creating. Food waste was highlighted as the biggest way in Project Drawdown for humanity to reduce our impact on the planet. Coupled with my professional background in technology, I feel there is something I can bring to the table, to reduce food waste in our system and create a more sustainable future.
Josh BD – Fresh produce is a fickle beast! The shelf life of fruit and veggies creates such a massive challenge in this country. These challenges make it so much harder for Australians to access the freshest food. With a background in Supply Chain, I saw a massive opportunity in the food space for things to be done in a less wasteful way. My aspiration is to work closely with farmers to help us reduce waste at all stages of the food supply chain and see that more produce makes it to Aussie family tables!

TCGCo: Food Waste is a huge problem in this country, what are some of ways you’re tackling the issue?

FP: It is an ungodly problem in Australia! Every year, Australia sends 7.3 million tons to waste. On average this is 300kg per person. However, 30% of this occurs on farms as there is no demand for farmers to pick and sell this produce.
We are tackling this by working closely with Aussie growers and wholesalers to get their ‘ugly’ produce. This is the stuff that doesn’t sell to the supermarkets because it fails to meet their lofty beauty standards. These standards are always about appearances, things like size, shape and colour. We welcome these little guys with open arms!

TCGCo: Right, you’ve convinced us and we want to switch our ways - tell us how Farmers Pick works with delivery and how much does it cost?

FP: Join the #zerofoodwaste revolution and get a box from $35 incl delivery. Whether you’re riding solo or feeding an army, we have you covered!
Jump on to and ‘choose your box,’ a flexible delivery day and time. We will do the rest!
Ps. We aren’t a shifty gym, there are no lock ins or hidden fees. Cancel or pause whenever suits!


TCGCo: That seems a heap cheaper than the main supermarkets - what’s your secret?

FP: The secret is local produce, delivered straight from the farm.
The bulk of our produce is local and doesn’t sit around in warehouses or on the supermarket shelf going off. This means fresh produce, even less waste and lower cost; passed straight back to our customers.


In all seriousness, this box of goodness was delivered in style filled with all sorts of veggies we might often overlook. Thanks to these guys we're hooked on braised fennel and raddish salad.

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