B Corp Certified Basics

B Corp Certified Basics

We’re stoked to announce we have just joined the community of Certified B Corporations who are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.  

We started The Common Good Company on the back of a consultative meeting with a leading charitable organisation wanting to produce apparel to support their fundraising initiative. They were looking to produce a $2 t-shirt to RRP at $50, making a profit of $48 they could use to support those in need. There seemed to be a disconnect between the people they were working to support and the people who manufacture a $2 t-shirt. You cannot exploit women and children in one country to empower them in other.

The ideation of TCGCo came from this meeting and a passion to work with innovative materials that cause less harm to people and the planet.  

We believe that if production is not ethical it cannot be sustainable. Sustainability in fashion is an oxymoron and we recognise that the most sustainable t-shirt is the one you already own. We don’t prescribe to be sustainable but prefer the term 'responsible', after all we set out to prove there is ‘a better way to produce and a better way to consume’.

B’Corp certification is an outcome but is not the destination and we will continue to strive for progress, not perfection. This is baked into the foundations of our brand with ‘The Common Good' being defined as "in the benefit and interests of all" and this is the principle we are guided by.        

Thank you to all who have been on this journey with us so far, and to those who have just joined - welcome. 

Stay tuned for the next drop of basics made from 100% recycled materials and get in touch if you or a business you know needs merchandise options.

Benny and Tessa

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