Turning the tide on Climate Change with SeaTrees

Turning the tide on Climate Change with SeaTrees

As custodians of the land, we each have a responsibility to look after land we live on. This is not only in our daily lives but in our business and it’s impact on the planet, taking into account our current and future carbon footprint and how this affects the generations to come.

To help us on our path to being Climate Neutral we are introducing Carbon Offset programs to our business policies, ensuring each and every one of our actions is accounted for through Carbon Sequestration projects.

This is why we are proud to announce our partnership with SeaTrees, helping to turn the tide on climate change. 

SeaTrees Carbon Sequestration

SeaTrees restore, plant and protect coastal ecosystems. Unlike other tree planting and carbon offset programs and projects around the world, the sole focus of SeaTrees is on blue-carbon projects, drawing carbon from the air, increasing biodiversity and creating jobs in sustainable communities.

SeaTrees Carbon Sequestration

Mangroves forests sequester 5-10 times more CO2 out of the atmosphere per hectare than tropical rainforests and 1000x more cost-efficient at protecting coastlines than seawalls.  

Much of that carbon is stored in the soil and sediment that make up a mangrove ecosystem. SeaTrees work with local planting partner Eden Projects to plant mangroves in West Papua, Indonesia, and protect one of the largest tracts of mangrove forest in the Gulf of Thailand with Wildlife Alliance.

Mangroves are a Carbon Sink

"The oceans absorb a third of humanity's carbon dioxide emissions and 90 percent of the excess heat generated by increased greenhouse gas emissions; it's the largest carbon sink on the planet."

TCGCo Mangrove Tree Planting Program.  

For every t-shirt sold, TCGCo will plant 1 Mangrove on your behalf. Mangrove Trees sequester 5-10 times more CO2 than tropical rainforests, they create critical habitat for marine life, and provides sustainable employment for local communities.   

1 TCGCo product purchased = 1 mangrove tree planted = 308kg Co2 sequestered

Whilst TCGCo may be new kids on the block, we are committing to planting a minimum 30 Mangrove Trees a month in 2021.


Every 30 mangrove trees planted:

- Creates 1 day of living-wage employment for local community members, helping to support 55 families

- Provides resources for local education

- Protects local villages from storm surges and sea-level rise

- Serves as critical nursery grounds for fish and shellfish, and increases local marine productivity

- Has the potential to sequester more than 9 metric tons of carbon dioxide of the 25 year life of the trees


About SeaTrees 

SeaTrees, by non-profit Sustainable Surf, directly support communities planting and protecting blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. Blue carbon is the carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems 


SeaTrees is an ocean focussed platform enables brand such TCGCo to take direct action on climate change, through working with communities around the world to plant and protect ‘blue-carbon’ coastal ecosystems - mangrove and kelp forests, seagrass, ride-to-reef watersheds, and coral reefs. 

The process also improves water quality, biodiversity of plants and animals, as well as offering protection from rising sea levels, storm surges and creates economic opportunities for local communities

SeaTress projects do a lot more than sequester carbon. SeaTrees measures their impact with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The regeneration and protection of these ecosystems provides critical habitat for countless species, sustainable long-term employment for local communities, and protects those communities from storm surges and sea-level rise.


All SeaTrees projects provide significant social and economic benefits. Every project is assessed and measured against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have been designed to transform our world for good by 2030.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

SeaTrees is designed to support all 17 SDG goals, with these 7 being the highest priority for the chosen projects:

• Goal 1: No Poverty
• Goal 5: Gender Equality
• Goal 6: Clean Water
• Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
• Goal 13: Climate Action
• Goal 14: Life Below Water
• Goal 15: Life On Land

Collectively, these projects reduce the impacts of climate change, increase biodiversity on land and in the sea, protect endangered species on land and ocean, create sustainable jobs, alleviate poverty and hunger, support education and gender equality, and more.

TCGCo x SeaTrees 

TCGCo is currently focusing on mangrove planting in the West Papua region of Indonesia. The SeaTrees project restores and protects 26 hectares of degraded mangrove forest by planting more than 200,000 trees with planting partner Eden Projects. Local villagers are employed to plant a diverse mix of mangrove species, creating jobs, healthy ecosystems and habitats. The region’s mangrove estuaries are also 75% deforested, which is why this type of restoration is so necessary.

Mangroves are native to coastal ecosystems throughout the tropics and sub-tropics. Its “seeds” (actually called propagules) become fully mature plants while attached to the parent tree. With your support, together we can help enable SeaTrees and their planting partners to collect these baby mangrove seeds and plant them in carefully managed locations on Biak Island, allowing these ‘babies’ to reach their full CO2-storing potential.

With your help we can plant, protect and preserve coastal ecosystems, in the benefit or interests of all.


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