Winter in Spring - Extending the Family

Winter in Spring - Extending the Family

This week several media reports have suggested that TCGCo's recently arrived (in Spring) Winter Collection indicates that this small business has its eyes set on the US Resort Season and European Winter domination.

One of the TCGCo Co-Founders replied to these comments with ‘What is Resort Season?’ and is no longer issuing any statements……

Whilst expanding TCGCo beyond ‘Family, Friends and Fools (joking, Legends)’ is part of our strategic objectives, landing our winter range in Spring was not actually part of the plan.

On that note, if anyone has a copy of 'How to Launch a Small Business in a Pandemic' Second Edition? Please send through, we only have the 2020 Edition...


A pillar of TCGCo foundations are its people. Whilst currently we’re a two-man-band, our 'People' pillar does, and always will, extend to the people who manufacture our garments. Part of producing ethically and staying true to your core values is that in times of crisis you stand by your people.

Our factory went into voluntary and then mandated closure this year from May- July due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meaning, in May our winter production stopped with no certainty of when production would recommence. Cancelling production was an option, however, we knew the true cost of this and the negative impact it would have on our people. Cancelling our Winter order was not an option.  

Some major brands, with a much bigger bottom line than ours managed this situation differently using the contractional terms of force majeure to cancel orders. 

In March, estimates suggested that around $1.44 Billion USD worth of payments had been cancelled or withheld by brands in Bangladesh alone. These actions demonstrating a fashion system already reliant on widespread exploitation and an imbalance of power between big brands and developing economies. 

Landing our Winter Collection in Spring was not part of the plan but supporting our manufacturing partners always will be. We’re genuinely excited to extend the TCGCo family, delivering yet another essential to your wardrobe.

Also, being based in Melbourne means that landing our Winter range in Spring is a non-issue.

Lastly, part of also being a sustainable brand also means that you are a sustainable business. We have product to move and to reward you for your patience we’re offering 20% our new range for a limited time.  

To enjoy this do-good-discount, enter PLAINDANE20 at checkout. Valid until 30/09/21 (applicable on the Sweaters and Hoodie range only).


Thanks for standing by, team.

Benny and Tess.     

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